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Noble Society Services GmbH is a North German company based in Lübeck and a world market leader in our field. We have 20 years of experience in selling noble titles of all kinds and have earned a good reputation. Among our fantastic offers are German, Irish, Scottish, French, and even Russian titles of nobility, which we offer worldwide. Our range is constantly being expanded with further exciting titles.

We have designed this website especially for our cooperation with Groupon USA and are happy to give many Americans the great opportunity to acquire a small piece of land in Russia easily, cheaply and simply, and in addition the sonorous-sounding title ‘tsar or tsarina of Martinovka’.

You will find many more great titles on our websites. Please visit us on our English-language site noble-society.net or be enchanted by our large main page in German at adelstitel-kaufen.com where we offer all our titles of nobility and a wide range of accessories.

If you would like to contact us, please send us an email, or write us via Whatsapp. We always try to answer your inquiry as quickly and competently as possible. Please note the time difference between you and Germany when contacting us via Whatsapp.

  1. Email: team at noble-society net
  2. Whatsapp: +49 175 2080800

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Daniel van Hoogen

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